The Biggest  LATEST Games by EPIC GAMES

UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection


Two remastered console classics come to the PC in UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The package contains UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End, which has Nathan Drake hunting down pirate treasure across the globe. The levels are vast, exotic puzzles to explore and solve. UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy is the first game of the series not to star Nathan Drake. Players control Chloe Frazer as she steps into the lead role, hunting the Tusk of Ganesh.  

PC Builder SImulator 2


Craft PCs to build a computer empire. PC Building Simulator 2 is a game where you design gaming PCs. Start with a bland case, and turn it into an LED-wreathed gaming powerhouse. With authentic parts from over 45 real-world brands, including AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, you can pair parts and hook up complicated water-cooling systems without having to worry about the expensive mistake of wrecking a graphics card in the real world.   

Saints Row (Upcoming)


This reboot of the storied Saints Row series, which launched in 2006, will feature the delicate balancing act of serious and comedic gameplay and story found in Saints Row: The Third, but without the over-the-top wacky nature of the more recent titles in the franchise. The game is also culling some of the more off-color elements found in the series’ history. In the reboot, open-world gameplay takes place in a city in the American southwest controlled by three gangs. Players will try to wrest control of the city by founding a new gang of disenfranchised criminals. 

Forspoken (Upcoming)


A gorgeous creation by newly formed studio Luminous Productions—a collective of former Final Fantasy XV developers—Forspoken drops players in the shoes of Frey Holland shortly after she finds herself plucked from New York City to the fantasy world of Athia. Frey uses her newfound magical powers to journey through the breathtaking and incredibly dangerous new world in the hopes of finding her way home and overthrowing the tyrannical Tantas who control the land. The game’s surreal enemies, and Frey’s unusual magic, look like they’ll mix well to deliver striking visuals and stunning gameplay moments.📷

Star Trek: Resurgence (Upcoming)


Star Trek: Resurgence is an apt title. Star Trek is everywhere right now, and with multiple series and movies out hunting for strange new worlds, it was only a matter of time before a new game was announced. Star Trek: Resurgence is a late-TNG-era adventure game from Dramatic Labs, a team made up of former Telltale Games developers. They’re crafting a narrative adventure game that brims with diplomatic dialogue and technobabble, letting you experience anomalies, space diplomacy, and a visit from Spock from two crew members’ perspectives.  📷