Is Conor Mcgregor Really Retiring!??

By Needofbeing.com

Conor McGregor had an eventful summer. Many fans hoped for his return to the octagon, despite reports that he could box Floyd Mayweather instead. While that may not be what his fans would like, the move makes a lot of financial sense for McGregor.

More recently, it was announced that McGregor will be making his Hollywood debut. McGregor is set to join Jake Gyllenhaal in a remake of the 1989 classic Roadhouse.

Is Conor McGregor done with fighting?

Thanks to his fight with Floyd Mayweather and the sale of his Proper No.Twelve Irish Whiskey, Conor McGregor is by far the richest UFC star. Due to his enormous net worth, it is easy to see how he could lose his passion for the violent sport.