Most Effective Ways To Improve Math.

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Lets Get Down To Business Then.

So, Math is A Very Important Thing or Subject or You Can say A Part of you, Some Of People Take Math As A Boring Subject or They Think What Else Is Profitable besides Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and I Know Many People Will Disagree With me but Its The Truth. Now, By not Delaying Further Lets Start:

1. Math Games.

May Sound Boring but There Are Some games Which Are Interesting To Play And With That You Can Also Build up Your Skills while having Fun! You Can Play Online Games, Which Suits Your Age And Education Level for Better Experience, Also You Can get PC Games or Download App On Your Smartphone Instead.

2. Practice Math in Real Life Scenario.

This May be Difficult At Starting but When You Get Used It, It Will Be A Piece Of Cake. Practice it Without Even Thinking. Lets Have An Example, If a Book Which is Regularly $15 is on Scale Of 30% Off, What is The Sale Price?($10.5). There Are More Examples that I Can Give but It Won’t Help If You Won’t Do It by Yourself. Practice!

3. Try using Mental Math.

Its Like The Previous one But A Little Different, As You Can’t Use Mental Math in Geometry and Calculus. Although You can Apply It On Basic Mathematics Like Addition, Subtraction and Others. Whenever There is A Easy Calculation First of All Do it In Your Mind, Do Not Resort On Calculator.

4. Review Your Work Everyday.

Ha! Ha! Practice Makes The Math Perfect. If You Want That To be Really Perfect Then Set A Schedule for Yourself and Try Review Your Problems for At least 15 to 20 Minutes Everyday. Eventually Your Skill Will Build up and Over time With not Much Effort On your Part.

5. Look Up Lessons Online.

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So, There Are Some Times When You Need Explanation Of Something and You Don’t Have Classes For Some Reasons, You Can Look Up Lessons Online, There is A Huge No. Of Resources And You Can Sink in It,(Just Kidding😅).

6. Climb Step by Step(Master One Concept Then Jump To The Next One)

As You Know If We Try To Climb Stairs More Than 1 or 2 at A Time, The Risk Are We Will Fall And It Will Injure Us. Agree With That? If You Don’t Try it.(Again Kidding, Don’t Do That😅). In Math Every Topic Beholds A Specific Power,(Sound Dramatic isn’t it).But Its True, The Power Of Math HA! HA! HA!😅. Enough With The Crazy Talk. The Point In Doing This Step Is That it Will Help You Understand The Topic More Accurately But If You Try To Cover More Than One Topic It Will Be A Mess!

7. Teach Others, What You Have Gained.

This Point Is The Most Effective Of Them All. Try Teaching Someone And You’ll See The Problems will be More Easy, Because You Have Revised That Topic Which You Had Learned Someday. Ask Your Friend or Your Brother/Sister. When You Will Teach Them Something, You Will Gain Even A Much More Than Them. Believe It!

Farewell Fellas!
Have A Good Day and Stay Happy and Healthy.