GTA 6| Everything You need to know Latest 2022, Maps, Release date, Gameplay, and More

It’s been Nine years. Yeah, since 2022, it has been nine years since the preliminary release of GTA 5, as well as its follow-up is still no place to be discovered. This is one of the most huge spaces that the Grand Theft Auto franchise business has ever before taken in between introducing 2 substantial titles. Yet if our company believes in the tips and leakages, the hold-up in GTA 6’s release needs to be well worth the delay. This entrance to the GTA franchise business will certainly feature a vast however acquainted map, a genuinely unique protagonist, and also a tribute to a preferred GTA classic. So, allow’s quit defeating around the shrub and unfold everything we understand about Grand Theft Auto (GTA 6) so far.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Everything We Know So Far (August 2022).

We have covered each aspect of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI), including its release day, story, personalities, as well as much more. You can utilize the table listed below to check out the sections that fascinate you a lot.

GTA 6 Release Date: When is GTA 6 Coming Out?

Superstar Games, the programmer of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, first confirmed that the “next entry in the Grand Theft Auto collection is well underway” in February 2022 via the main Newswire article. This message was made to reveal area updates around GTA V however finished with a subtle note to the franchise business’s future.

Later on, in June 2022, Rockstar Games shared an official statement stating they’re spending all their sources in the direction of the advancement of GTA VI. It shows the developers’ severity towards the GTA franchise.

Rather, we have to thank Chris Klippel, a renowned GTA leaker, for added info around the GTA 6 launch day. According to Klippel, GTA 6 won’t release before the last months of 2024.

This launch home window was likewise sustained by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier in a different Twitter thread. Keeping the leakages as well as the absence of official announcements in mind, our team believes that GTA 6 will certainly be released in late 2024 or early 2025.

GTA 6 Supported Platforms.

The gaming sector has transformed drastically within the decade-long space between GTA 6 and also GTA 5. And because Rockstar Games is recognized for introducing the market, we only anticipate the GTA VI to have the first release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It’s reasonable to assume that a PS4 variation of GTA 6 won’t be seeing the light of the day.

In addition, like GTA 5, the programmers might later update as well as port the game to computer individuals. That could mean that GTA 6 will get to PC customers just in late 2025 or very early 2026. In contrast, GTA 5 was released on gaming consoles in 2013 and also on computers later on in 2015. In any case, it’s much less than the time it took Marvel’s Spider-Man to launch on PC.

Playable Characters of GTA 6 (Leaked).

According to Bloomberg’s recent record, Rockstar Games gets on a spree of cleaning its picture, and its efforts aren’t restricted to the genuine globe. Several exes, as well as existing workers at Rockstar Games, have increased the concern of gender space in the pay scale of their developers. If we take a look at the GTA franchise, the scenario isn’t suitable there either.

Personality art from GTA Vice City Stories.

Including the growth packs, we have sixteen video games in the GTA franchise. Just two of these titles, the initial 2 GTA video games, had playable women characters. Men have controlled every various other iteration of the game. Grand Theft Auto 6 is planning to provide us with a female protagonist in GTA 6 along with a carefully relevant male lead– a duo to play out the tale. Bloomberg’s report better claims that this playable woman character is a Latina, another positive step towards representation.

The Storyline of GTA 6 (Leaks and Rumors).

The major lead character duo of GTA 6 is intended to be connected in some method. This duo’s tale, based on the record, is influenced by the real-world crime couple– Bonnie and Clyde– from the early 1900s. Yet don’t stress, the forthcoming game will be established in modern times, as disclosed by Tom Henderson, a game leaker with a dependable record.

Back in 2020, a recently erased Reddit post disclosed much more about the story that fits with the existing information. As per the Redditor, GTA 6 was first codenamed “Project Americas,” which might happen over both American continents. As belief would have it, this strategy was just a very early style that programmers later junked. The lead characters that are expected to develop a medicine realm, comparable to the GTA Vice City Stories, might still make it right into the game.

New Game Engine.

Every computer game’s tale is very influenced by the ability of the engine used to develop that game. A video game engine is the base system on which the video game’s globe has lots, of features, and communicates with the gamer. Keeping that in mind, Chris Klippel, the leaker who gave us GTA 6’s release timeline, has claimed that Grand Theft Auto is being developed using the new Rage engine.

This brand-new engine is much more powerful than its counterpart, which powers GTA 5 as well as RDR2. We can not just expect jaw-dropping graphics yet likewise a lot more elaborate missions if this case is valid. With powerful systems and a smarter video game engine, GTA 6 can offer us greater than the “eliminate and go” missions currently dominating the franchise.

Phase-Based Stories.

In March of 2022, Michael Pachter from Business Insider mentioned (using YouTube) that Grand Theft Auto 6 may cover numerous cities in 500+ hrs well worth of story. Even though there is very little proof to back Pachter’s claim, it will certainly be a dependable redressal to gamers’ problems about GTA 5 being also brief.

If they make use of a chapter-based story, simply like RDR2, we could obtain several brand-new missions, places, and personalities as the phases unravel. This can also match the location-based DLCs we review in the following sector. Each new place can bring brand-new phases and, subsequently, brand-new goals as well as personalities to the game.

GTA 6 Map Might Feature Vice City.

Taking a look at all the GTA games to date, we have 2 full-blown video games based in Los Santos, numerous various titles in Liberty City, as well as only one major title in Vice City. Based on that, it won’t be unexpected to see GTA 6’s story play out in the legendary Vice City (map depicted above). The stated rumor also fits Bloomberg’s report, which explains the location of GTA 6 to be based in Miami and its nearby areas.

Caribbean Islands in GTA 6

Back in GTA San Andreas, there was a mission called “Saint Mark’s Bistro”. Now, as per a well-known leaker, Matheusvictorbr, Rockstar could be looking to duplicate this in GTA 6.

Superstar did something comparable by presenting a second area called Garma in Red Dead Redemption 2. Once again, much like the GTA SA case, you might only access this area during certain goals. Now, at this point, it would certainly be also very early to assume why this place will not be easily accessible generally game. However, we hope that it still makes it right into GTA 6. As history reflects, extra explorable places only boost the gameplay experience of open-world video games.

Three Cancelled Locations.

We already recognize that GTA 6 has moved far from its strategy of developing “Project Americas” on its map. As per Stephen Totilo, co-author of Axios Gaming’s e-newsletter, this junked plan was a lot extra ambitious than what satisfies the eye. He declares that, based on his resource, GTA 6 was expected to have 4 lead characters spread out throughout 3 various cities.

Compared to GTA V, it would have been an upgrade in the number of usable personalities as well as explorable areas. However as Rockstar Games would certainly have it, we are to 2 lead characters from 3 in the last title.

Is GTA 6 Going International?

As mentioned previously, the strategies to expand GTA 6 to areas outside the USA were reviewed early in the video game’s growth yet ditched. So, you will not be traveling to Brazil or Cuba-like areas. At least, not at the time of release.

Broadening Map in GTA 6?

GTA Online’s enormous success instructs its developers that players love getting new web content in existing video games. And Rockstar Games appears to have been kept in mind. At the very least, freelance author and also GTA insider Tom Henderson declared that GTA 6 will include an expanding map back in 2021.

If this case becomes a reality, we might see DLCs and also event-based maps, increasing the world of GTA 6 for many years. Taking into consideration how preferred competitive FPS video games like Valorant bring brand-new maps every few months, GTA, which focuses heavily on open-world experiences and also has a substantial budget, can do the same.

This possible function additionally fits with Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser’s declaration from September 2013 in a Polygon meeting. He claimed that “GTA’s DNA is contemporary-ish, American-ish, English-speaking-ish, because that’s what it has been … however that does not always restrict it to those, that’s simply what we’ve done so much.”.

In-depth Interiors of Buildings.

Time as well as once more, GTA players have required better and more explorable insides in the franchise. GTA Online was an enormous upgrade because the department however no place close to covering even half of the in-game structures. But, based on several reports, GTA 6 will have means much more explorable insides than any type of various other open-world video game.

It would certainly rather describe the decade-long delay in its release if that’s the situation. Based on some of the DLC-based place leakages, we might see numerous such insides unlock after the video game’s launch.

Since July 2022, there is no official trailer or teaser for GTA 6. But numerous records recommend we might obtain one by the end of 2023 or very early 2024. You must watch out or bookmark our Grand Theft Auto guide to see the trailer or its leakage first

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Speculations and also assumptions.

With all the dependable leakages and also strong statements covered, it’s time to open your mind to other prospective modifications that could get to GTA 6. Considering that none of these suppositions have a strong backing, it’s best to take them with a pinch of salt.

  • – Tommy Vercetti: If GTA 6 is to happen in Vice City, numerous players could anticipate homage or recommendations to the precious Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA Vice City. Considering that GTA V did not pay tribute to CJ, the protagonist of GTA SA, our hopes aren’t high.
  • -” Woke” Characters: Reflecting real life, numerous GTA characters aren’t scared to make offending remarks and also jokes in the story. We may see a few characters calling our lead characters out on such actions if nothing else. However, observing Rockstar Games’ recent effort to clean up its photo, we anticipate some topping on such offending comments.
  • – Character Customization: Even though it may be limited to GTA 6 Online, we expect to get a new reliable character creator. This alternative, incorporated with GTA’s graphics, will allow gamers to get a videogame personality that resembles them as closely as feasible.
  • – Custom Maps: Thanks to the great GTA 5 mods, it is a well-known reality that the GTA neighborhood has numerous gifted creators. And if GTA 6 intends to take complete benefit of them, then inviting downloadable neighborhood maps is a must. Even if they will not, the area will certainly keep developing them for years.
  • Rather, we have to thank Chris Klippel, a famous GTA leaker, for additional details around the GTA 6 launch day. The gaming market has changed dramatically within the decade-long gap between GTA 6 and GTA 5. At least, according to freelance writer and GTA insider Tom Henderson, that claimed that GTA 6 will include an expanding map back in 2021.
  • — A fan-made idea trailer for GTA 6 has been making rounds of the net, giving us a first appearance at what Vice City and the brand-new areas of the GTA VI map may look like. – Custom Maps: Thanks to the beautiful GTA 5 mods, it is a known reality that the GTA neighborhood has many skilled designers.