100% Guaranteed Way To Get A Good Physique.

So Hello, And Lets get Down To Business

To Be Honest,

These Tips and Tricks Will only Work If You Will Stay Consistent and will not let your Emotions and Feelings best you.

You Maybe Thinking What is This? But Believe me at Last Feelings and emotions are the detract you from your objective. So Let The List Go On:

#1 Proper Diet

I Know, You are Like ,”What A Waste, I Know That”. But Read Carefully and Read it All. Eating The Right Food and Portion Each Meal will Help Your Body to Grow. REMEMBER! Exercising only Counts For 40% of Results rest of it Goes to Proper Diet. and Please Avoid Unhealthy And Junk Food.

#2 Get Good Sleep

Most Of You will be Reading This on their Bed at Night and Among You Some Are Just Passing Their Time and Some are Searching For Stuff That Would Get Their Life In Better Direction but their is no Profit in It, Just Getting Info, Hacks, Tricks or Whatever. You Have To Apply it, Don’t You Want A Better you In Real Life. Why? Just Imagining Him / Her. Get Your A** Up Already and Get A Good Sleep. Wait!
Let Me Tell You Some Benefits Of it.
After Exercising Muscles are Under Stress And this Tears the Tissues, While Sleep helps you Repair and become Stronger than before. You can Say that, Sleep is Responsible for Muscle Building.

As I have Mentioned Exercising in Proper Diet as well as in Good Sleep. Which Means Next one is exercising. Yea!😀

#3 Exercise Daily

I am Not Going to Say that you have to do Intensive Exercise and Get Wet In your Sweat,” Oh! What a Rhyme”. I’m Sorry.😅
Exercise Daily at Least an Hour, not just Like Gym Exercises, You may have a Physical activity in your daily Life, you can play something or just simply exercise like pushups, Running, and a lot More.

# Now The Hard Part!

#4 Masturbate Less

Let’s Start With some of its Bad effects of Overdoing it.( FOR MOTIVATION!!)
1.Decreasing Sensitivity
2.Weakness, Fatigue
3.Early Ejaculation
4.It May Cause Testicular Pain and Hair Loss as Well.
and Many More……………..
If you Can’t Control then once a week or once 10-15 days. But If You Get detracked from this don’t Do it After Exercising, It Will Harm You.

So Now I Will Take My Leave.

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