How To Look and be Cool? Easiest Ways!

Hey Ya!
Let’s Get Down To Business.

As Above Mentioned ‘Look Cool‘ and ‘Be Cool’, Both are a Different Story. Now You Have To Decide First Either You want to Look Cool or Be Cool?

Here are Some Major steps you Should Have A Peek at Least:

# Body Posture.

It can Be your First or Last Trick, Only If You Manage it Properly. The Way you carry Yourself is Very Important. Way of Your Standing, Sitting, Walking, and even Turning around. Have A Energetic Presence.

  • Stand Straight, Don’t be Like a Hanged Jacket.

Social Psychologist Amy cuddy reveals certain Body Language Gestures that can Signal Weakness or Timidness. These Gestures are:

  • Slouching
  • Slumping
  • Making Yourself Small.

Avoiding these postures will help you. It Can be done if You Focus on Feeling Tall and Powerful (Just Like Naruto)

# Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard.

Trying Too Hard can cause You Loss. You are Not Going to Impress anyone if They Feel Your Words are Contrived. Do Fewer Things But Do Them Effortlessly.
For Example. James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. They are cool, aren’t They? but The point is Why?
They are Always Cool&Calm. The Way of Their Talk, Work Done By Them, Like its Nothing Just Piece of Cake🍰. That’s What we need! We Should Strive to be as Poised as They are.

# Shades or Sunglasses

Yeah! Yeah! It’s The Coolest Part! ( Cool Thing in Cool post For Being Cool). *Excitement Aside😅
Pardon Me.
But They are not just for blocking UV rays. It brings out your Personality. But The Thing is which frame suits you well is according to your face shape.

# Dress Sense

If you are one of those Guys Who is Always in Pajamas. I Know they are Comfortable but Don’t Do This to yourself. I’m Not saying you Should not wear Them Just Maintain a Balance.

  • Get Well Fitted Clothes.*Not Skinny!
  • Get a Leather jacket or Something Like Windcheater.
  • Don’t Buy Stuff Too Expensive, Just to Show your Richness, That ain’t Gonna Work.

#Facial Hair

Having Beard is a Blessing and Those who are still waiting for It, I wish you get it soon, very soon. Beard. I don’t Mean thick and Long one. Something just Stubble from a couple of days without shaving.
But, Some of you may Prefer clean shaved or Full-grown but Both are not that much Expressive. Let Me Tell you about some Studies which reveals that women find Short-length Stubble the Most attractive type of Facial hai. Some traits associated with it are Maturity, Aggression, and Dominance.
Don’t do any Drastic change to Your Usual appearance, just a little Upgrade is Enough after all It should not be fake. You Should be Cool in your Very own Style.

# Become Alturistic For Unnecessary Rules!

Look, Not All the Rules are necessary some of them are meant to be broken or there is a Suitable Time and Place to Disregard them. This is a Bit Complicated but “Practice Makes a Man Perfect.
Let me tell you a thing, Maximum of the People Wear a shirt as usual or wear a T-shirt inside and leave the shirt’s button open, That’s it! But, What about Something Different?
Here is Manjiro Sano a Character from Tokyo Revengers. He doesn’t Wear his Shirt Just put it on his shoulders, I Kinda Like that and it Looks Cool Here;

# Know When To Drop Cool Dude Attitude.

Everything is good but at a Limit. Excess of anything can cause Loss. You Should Know When To Drop this attitude, not all the Time its Gonna work, Because acting all High&Mighty All the Time will Drive people away from you as they Will have a Picture of you as an Arrogant one, We don’t Want to be that.

  • Become Vulnerable at Sometimes
  • Be a Good Listener, Listen Carefully What They Want to say To you.
  • Try to make a Good Relation with people around your Daily Life.
  • Give People enough Attention,*Not Too Much Of it!
  • Don’t Do All This Just to show Do Willingly.

Okay, Fellas. That’s All
I hope You find This article useful and This Works for you.

Now GO! Unleash The Power of Coolness! HA! HA! HA! {*Evil Laugh} 😅(Don’t Get Carried Away like Me)
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.❤