Bad Habits! Which are Killing Your Hair.

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So, I am Here again to Tell You guys About some Crucial Mistakes We make in our Daily Life Which Paybacks our Hair.
and I did a little Research For Those who Are facing Conditions like Hairfall, Itchiness on Scalp, Dandruff, etc, etc…….
Here Goes The List Then;

#Combing Wet Hair.

As many of Us has a Habit of Combing our hair after Bath at That point it Feels like our Hair is set there but actually, it damages it as wet hair is More Fragile. After washing the hair, the Pores of The scalp get already open making it more sensitive. On combing, it Leads to Hair Breakage and hair fall.
Also, You can’t Always avoid this Scene Especially when You are in a Hurry, so here are some Precautions while combing wet hair:

  • Use a Wide Tooth Comb
  • Pat Dry Your hair.
  • Dry your hair in Sunlight or with a Hair Dryer.
  • Apply Some Serum after Shampooing

# Tight hairstyle

If You are Having a Long Hairstyle You Might Sometimes tie it. But If the Hair is Pulled Back Tightly it can Break away from its Roots.*(and Will Make You Bald!!!) That was just to freak you out.😅 Actually it may result in Splitting, Hair Weakness, and Follicle damage, So make Sure You keep the start of The braid loose. Braids that are too tight can cause tensile Stress, Which occurs when there is constant tugging on Hair follicles
* and Also If tight hairstyles are continued for a prolonged Period, It Can Result in Irreversible Hair Loss, a medical condition known as Traction alopecia. ( So There is a Possibility after all That You Will Become Bald.🤣) Teasing aside*


Yeah! Yeah! There are Many For Whom This isn’t even A Point For Them, But (Where ever There is Light There are Shadows to be Found as Well). So some Of its Bad Effects are:

  • Smoking Tabacco can Potentially damage your hair Follicles
  • It increases The risk of Developing hair loss(again Baaaald!!😁)

There are many more I think You’ll get Bored, apart From This
Smoking is not a Good Thing You all know that. now Then I have Mentioned it here are some effective ways to quit Smoking:

  • Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  • Avoid Triggers like Things or Places which remindes of that.
  • Don’t try to satisfy Yourself by “Just One” or like ” Its been a Long time one Won’t do any harm”. and Stuff like that. NO!! Don’t! No one Knows where it will Lead you. It is Like ( Lighting Petrol, a Little Sparkle can turn your Entire Hardwork into Ashes)
  • NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Just Remember one Thing Whenever You are on Verge of Giving up That The Moment You decided to Quit it That Why You Held This much Long just For What Purpose think of that Moment.

# Hot Shower/ Washing hair With Hot Water.

Haahh!(Sigh). I used to Have this Habit. My hair was Screwd😣.
Now It’s All Good, Here What hot Water Do To The hair

  • Hot water Strips off natural Oil from hair. Especially If the Temprature is Too high by Which, No natural and Valuable Oil will be left and Therefore will make Your hair Look Dry and Brittle.
  • It Dries The Scalp, Which Causes Itchiness and Dandruff
  • Hot Water makes the Roots Weak and as a Result hair becomes Frizzy and gives Bonus- Beated Texture and hair Breakage.

Above Mentioned cons Does not mean Warm water. Very Hot water This kind of damage.

# Shampooing Too Frequently!

Wait! Wait!
If you Come this far maybe You are Bored or Something like That or You may be The One who Skipped all Above. anyways Lets Continue
Effects of Shampoo Varies from Person to Person, Like if You do workout Daily then Shampooing once a day is Good as Long as You are Using a Mild one.

The shampoo is Designed to Clean the Scalp and remove excess oil. But if Done more than needed, It Can Cause damage. It will remove Essential oils from Scalp and can Leave it Too Dry.

Above are The Most done Mistakes by people.
But There are Some things You Should also care about

  • Poor Diet
  • Coloring Your hair.
  • Not Getting Frequent Trims.
  • Not Protecting hair From Sun.(UV rays)
  • Using Wrong hair Products, Which Do not Suits your hair Type.

Here it Ends Now.
Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!